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Dec 29, 2011 10:00pm EST
. this is the most humble day of my life," rupert murdoch shut down the tabloid... when the &ppaper was accused of hacking the phones of celebrities.. politicians.. and even the voicemail of a murrered teenager.folbaum says: "two thousand eleven : a year of scandals ranging from the silly to the sickening. there were plentyyof surprises, and some ugly shocks."in hollywood.... charlie sheen claimed he was 'winning!"... but he looked like hollywood's 'biggest loser after hurling vile insults at his bosses. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver...their twenty-five year marriage √° terminated√°...after arnold admits fathering their just a big-bucks t-v stunt?kim kardashian's 20-million dollar marriage only lasted seventy- two days! 3 a video camera found in a high school boys locker room. the allegations that shocked students about one oo their own leaders. a driver goes on a rampage. the trail of destruction he left in his wwke. 3 a high school a high chool principal is facing serious charges .. he's accused of recording teenage boys in a sccool shower. police say it happened at a cathol
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1